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Spring Cleaning Litter Mob

Litter Mob-Allen St-March-spring cleaning

Calling all hands on deck!  If there’s one litter mob you’re going to come to all year, this should be the one.

As we rejoice over the winding down of a harsh winter and celebrate the melting of the snow, lots of trash is being uncovered from beneath the snow and ice. The streets are looking pretty gross. We’ll need all the help we can get to clean up Allen, Delaware, Elmwood and other areas in Allentown.


Allen-west side-litter pic


It’s amazing how little bits of trash can make a place look run-down, and how relatively clean streets can really improve the overall look and feel of a place.


Meet up at Fat Bob’s, 41 Virginia Place (not Virginia Street) at 6pm on Thursday [March 19th & every 3rd Thursday of the month].

If you have rubber gloves, a trash bag and/or a broom please bring them, but materials will be provided to volunteers.

Clean up in assigned areas for a little over an hour, then head back to Fat Bob’s.

For a $5 donation to the Allentown Association, you get a drink ticket, a small buffet and often some extra goodies as a thank you for helping.

And, of course, you get to feel good for knowing that you’re keeping up the reputation of the City of Good Nieghbors, that you’ve helped to keep Allentown looking so fresh and so clean. (And that you’re helping to put this brutal winter behind us and welcome spring!)


little kid-child-volunteer-litter



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