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Slow Roll comes to Allentown

Slow Roll-Allentown

Monday, September 21st

There will likely be over 1,000 people on bikes–expect brief traffic delays. The ride will depart from both sides of Park St. and head east down Allen St. around 6:30pm. Many of the riders will return to ABV (Allen Burger Venture) on Allen St. sometime around 8pm. Traffic delays are expected; please plan your transportation accordingly.

Participants are encouraged to park in parking lots at either end of Allentown (Kleinhan’s Music Hall, BNMC–with permission from the institutions). Organizers are working with police to help with traffic control and to ensure everyone remains safe.


This weekly bike ride has become one of the most popular regular events of 2015, starting with several hundred riders last year and attracting upwards of 1,400 people this year. The ride starts and ends at different locations throughout the city every Monday from May through October. The pace is intentionally kept quite slow so that all members of the community of all ages can participate. The Slow Roll began in Detroit, MI and has spread to several other cities throughout the Great Lakes region and even internationally.

This weekly occurrence is further evidence of a changing tide in Buffalo. While not everyone is happy about a huge gathering of bicyclists each week, many many people throughout Western New York are thrilled that such a fun, unique, family-friendly event has taken root in our city.


You can check out more on the Slow Roll Buffalo Facebook page.


To the participants–please be mindful that this is a very dense urban neighborhood with many residents, employees and visitors. We are doing our best to inform everyone we can in Allentown. We want everyone to know that a little courtesy goes a long way.

Also–stick around Allentown after the ride! There are plenty of places to eat, drink and hang out with friends.

We hope the Slow Roll enjoys Allentown. Have a great ride!



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