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Hopefully you’ve noticed that the Allentown Association has gotten more tech savvy and that we’ve increased our digital presence quite a bit in the last year or so. We’ve got this slick new website, we’re on Facebook and Twitter way more often and we’ve even gotten hip to Instagram.

Our community organization is almost entirely volunteer-run, and our newly formed Marketing & Communications committee is busy trying to keep up with web posts, events and social media.

That’s where you come in.

We need people living in or near Allentown (or perhaps working in the district) that are online often and frequently use social media to help us out. This could be in the form of an internship, or even joining our Marketing & Communications Committee.

The position is pretty flexible. It requires is that you post news and events to the website and post regularly on Twitter. We’d ask that you occasionally come to meetings and report to the board of directors every so often. If you wanted to go above and beyond by taking on additional duties, like more social media channels or writing more in-depth blog posts, that would be a huge bonus.

Skills sought:

  • knowledge of WordPress
  • familiarity with Twitter (online etiquette, protocols, hashtags, lists, trends, etc.)
  • photography (an eye for composition)
  • experience with marketing/promotions would be ideal
  • graphic design skills of any sort would be great

Sound like something you’re definitely interested in? Maybe? Want to know more?

Email with your interests, questions and qualifications.



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