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Business Spotlight: Hyatt’s All Things Creative


We’ve had a few business spotlights on our website this year, and we’ll be featuring businesses in and around Allentown as part of our ongoing Business Spotlight each month going forward.


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This month we’re featuring a staple of the Allentown creative community and longstanding local business: Hyatt’s art supply store.

Hyatt’s was founded in 1959 by Charles W. Hyatt at 499 Franklin Ave. and moved in 1961 to one of the four storefronts that makes up the current 910 Main St. headquarters.

They are a superior source for artists, architects, sign makers and designers of many disciplines, thus their description: All Things Creative. Over fifty employees are organized into three divisions: ART/Artist Supplies and Picture Framing, PANTONE / Color Matching System Products and SIGN / Computer Signmaking Equipment and Materials, ensuring that all customers receive knowledgeable assistance for their creative endeavors.




We asked Beth Hyatt-Martin–3rd generation Hyatt family member, co-owner and Director of Marketing–a few questions about the business.


What do you enjoy most about the business?

The best part of the business is being able to get so many new and exciting products into the hands of creative people. As our business has expanded online and internationally, we now have over 50,000 different products and our purchasing department is always adding new things.


What do you like about being located in Allentown?

We like being part of a true neighborhood where you can walk to find other shops and restaurants all in the heart of Buffalo.


Have you had any major challenges over the years? Success stories?

Having started out as a supplier for the commercial art industry, which was dramatically changed when the computer came along, we have had to continually find ways to re-invent the business. From starting to sell sign equipment and materials in 1984 to becoming a Pantone distributor and then getting heavily into e-commerce the last 10 years, we are always on the look out for new ways to expand and keep the company relevant to today’s creative industry.


Any special offers in the next month or so?

The Art Division will be kicking off our Customer Appreciation month in February with lots of in-store events and offers.


What would you like to say to customers? Potential customers?

You don’t need to be a professional artist to come to Hyatt’s. We have products for a wide range of creative interests, as well as fun gifts. Our fine pen, ink, and journal departments have expanded greatly in the last couple years along with more products for the beginner or casual artist.


Hyatt’s has been supplying the Allentown creative community for decades and is now a major online retailer, they are a supporter and member of the Allentown Association and they’re a great place to get gifts for any creative types: beginner, amateur or professional artists. Visit them at 910 Main St. Monday through Saturday and check out their website.


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