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Business Spotlight: Allen Street Consulting

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“Questions Answered. Problems Solved.”


Allen Street Consulting has been in operation for about 4 1/2 years (since 2011). They began in a location on Allen St. and are now on Franklin St. Their mission is to provide​ effective financial and operations solutions to small businesses and nonprofit organizations—Things like payroll, bookkeeping, tax preparation and consulting services.​


Heidi Jones, founding Partner, says, “We love our amazing community-building clients! We love helping the Buffalo economy grow and flourish.​”

When asked what she likes about being located in Allentown, Heidi goes on to say…

“It’s our neighborhood, and it’s Western New York’s petri dish of new ideas and new connections. We enjoy participating in and supporting the neighborhood’s activities like Infringement, First Fridays, and Pride. We also love the historic architecture and our offices feature brick walls, marble-mantled fireplaces, and oak and pine floors.”


(Their office is beautiful and full of plants. Lots of plants.)

Allen St Consulting_3

Allen St Consulting_6
Plants, beautiful plants, everywhere!


Allen St Consulting_7
Even an orange tree!


We ask all of our featured business if they’ve had major challenges over the years, and/or success stories.

“Growing our staff to five has been a very interesting challenge and success. We’re very pleased with how we’ve been able to treat our employees well, with good wages and benefits and beautiful office space.”


Allen St. Consulting_staff
Terry Mickelson, Kallie Campbell, Erica Wolfling, Heidi Jones, Rachel Todd. Not pictured: Kindle Dunning, Alexandra Mickelson



The folks at Allen Street Consulting are generous and friendly neighbors: They’re offering 15% off of tax preparation for Allentown Association members!
​As a final comment, Heidi says, “Even if you aren’t interested in our professional services, we love meeting new people and making new connections.” How’s that for friendly neighbors?


If you have a small business or organization that needs help with services like taxes, bookkeeping, payroll or consulting on what you and your business should focus on or how to improve what you’re doing, contact Terry or Heidi at Allen Street Consulting.


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(716) 218-0564


Allen St Consulting_2
One Firedoor
Allen St Consulting_11
Two Firedoor
Office and dancefloor!
Office and dancefloor!




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