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Allentown Litter Mob

Litter Mob



The Allentown Litter mob is part of the Allentown Association’s Beautification Committee, which works to keep our historic district looking nice.

Allentown Litter Mob-United States of Garbage


Volunteers meet every 3rd Thursday of the month in front of Fat Bob’s on Virginia Place, get materials (or bring their own), coordinate on areas to be cleaned and then head out to pick up litter for one hour. Afterward trash bags and materials are collected and folks head into Fat Bob’s. A $5 donation to the Association gets you one drink ticket and access to a small buffet, and often some extra goodies (like scratch-off Lotto tickets)!

During these cold winter months when the ground is more often than not covered in snow and ice, volunteers have been shoveling the sidewalks and driveways of neighbors who need the help.

Max Stephen, Allentown Board Member and Chair of the Beautification Committee says, “What makes Litter Mob an anchor for the community is twofold: not only is Litter Mob a year-round program focused on keeping our community clean, but it’s an excellent way to bring neighbors together – a way to meet those who make Allentown the unique community that it is.”


It’s a great way to meet neighbors and make new friends, and to enjoy the wonderful feeling of helping to keep one of the most vibrant districts in our city looking so fresh and so clean.


Check out our Events page to see details on the upcoming Litter Mob and other happenings around Allentown.

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