14 Allen Street
Buffalo, New York 14202
Phone 716.881.1024

25 Mariner Street

Year Built 1897
Style Tudor Revival
Construction Metal
Original Materials Brick
Original Owner Mrs. Helen M. Dobbs
Initial Use Apartments
Current Use Apartments
Lot Size 28 x 100

April 2007

This three-story brick flat building was built for Mrs. Helen M. Dobbs in 1897, at a cost of $7000.  The architect was E. P. Brink & Son, a firm that practiced only briefly in Buffalo and then moved on to Philadelphia.  As built, there was one unit on each floor, but the building was later altered to three units per floor.  The building was damaged by fire in 1979.

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After being vacant for the past few years, the current owners have painstakingly restored the exterior while creating new modern upscale apartments on the interior.  Around the turn of the 20th century, many apartment buildings began to be constructed in Allentown.  Most of them were built on commercial Allen Street or Elmwood Avenue, and 25 Mariner is one of the few that were built on a residential street.

25 Mariner is a restoration project of Nickel City Development.  The owners purchased the building from the City of Buffalo after it was abandoned and they are in the process of rehabing the building.  They first gutted the interior and then put a new roof on, replaced all windows, reframed the interior, have installed all new mechanics inside and have had the exterior brick repointed.   The building has recently been drywalled and painted.  Beautiful buildings and the wonderful Allentown neighborhood has inspired renovation and reinvestment in the neighborhood for many decades.